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Smart Medical Care Solution

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Application areas: hospitals / nursing homes / welfare homes

By obtaining real-time location data and historical data of patients, healthcare professionals, and high-value medical devices, the system can save a lot of time searching for people or equipments. Meanwhile, it can also help to create the safety profile and the individualized nursing care plans for each patient by observing patient positions and analyzing their behavior patterns. The system reduces the labor intensity of medical staff, improves their work efficiency, and prevents the loss of high-value equipment.


High precision locating

Wide cover range

Bluetooth low energy technology

Custom application

Large capacity of the tags


Personnel locating

Goods search

Electronic fence

Camera linkage

Emergency alarm

Historical track

Secondary development

Tag management: 

Personnel information setting, low battery alarm, track abnormality reminder

Personnel management:

Authority management, visitor management, emergency personnel allocation management

Camera linkage: 

Camera automatic tracking, positioning, and linkage

Electronic fence management: 

Zone setting, authority management, access zone management, departure zone management, risk zone , personnel retreat command, emergency control

Alarm function:

Entry alarm, departure alarm, risk zone alarm, anti-fall zone reminder, accident SOS alarm, bracelet cut alarm, person missing alarm

Multi-platform display

Control center display, PC access, cloud upload, pad display, mobile display, one-click login.

Heat map analysis: 

Big data analysis, hidden danger analysis, efficiency improvement, intelligent improvement feasibility report.

Personnel management: 

Authority management, visitor management, emergency personnel allocation management.



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