Industrial 4.0 Precise Position Sensing, High Precision Positioning System in decimeter level.


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Smart School Solution

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Application area: school / educational institution

With accuracy up to 10cm, Renwei’s Bluetooth Precise Locating System can realize 3D, 2D, 1D,and site locating requirements, provide location, trajectory tracking, regional alarm, camera linkage and other functions for school personnel, vehicles and assets. It provides personalized location solutions for school staff, students. The system is composed of monitoring software, locating base stations and positioning tags.


High-accuracy of 10cm locating

Advanced pulse technology is used to monitor location in real time and analyze path behavior.

Real-time monitoring to increase efficiency

Based on the big data platform, it is to locate the safety of employees and materials, improve inspection efficiency.

Multi-party linkage, ultra low cost

Linkage with video and camera monitoring is to save costs and share information in real time.

Functions and Values

Location map service

The system provides 1D, 2D, 3D real-time location, displays location target details in real time, visualizes school personnel and material assets.

Real-time track display

According to the position details, the trajectory is formed. The post and the behavior of the material are analyzed based on the trajectory data.

Electronic fence alarm

The system supports electronic fence setting and alarm. When an employ gets close to the fence, an alarm will be activated. His location and violation information will be displayed in real time, which improves enterprise management efficiency.

Historical track storage and playback

The system supports the functions of customizing the selection of start and end time of the track. The playback time unit can be set at second level. The thermal distribution of the dynamic image of the persons' activity will be displayed while playing back their tracks.

Security camera linkage and recording

The software automatically tracks and switches the camera, and the LED large screen displays the video animation footage. The multiple video tracking tasks are saved at the same time.

Automatic attendance and task confirmation

The system can display in real time of name, tag ID, department and other details to monitor online and offline status, complete automatic attendance and task confirmation.

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