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Warehouse Logistics Solution

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Warehouse Logistics

RW's warehouse logistics locating management solution adopts self-developed ultra wide band (UWB) real-time locating system. By arranging a certain number of locating base stations in the warehouse, the system can accurately locate the tags on the materials and forklifts in real time, and feed back the location information to the warehouse control center. It helps the management to check materials and inventory, to monitor the forklifts, to schedule the inventory etc. The system can achieve an accuracy of 10cm. It can improve the management level and work efficiency of the enterprise by rationally scheduling based on accurate position information.

Locating targets

Bulk goods, forklifts, workers, strip scanners, etc. in the warehouse.

System components

1) The locating base stations covering the warehouse area. They are placed by 4 pcs per 10,000 square meters without blocking. When the blocking situation is serious, the quantity depends on the situation of the spot.

2) Tags that are pasted or fixed to the goods and the forklifts.

3) management platform (can be customized) that displays the factory maps and real-time location


1) Unique ID: Unique identification ID for each item, forklift, and personnel.

2) Entire zone display: The monitoring room can display and check the real-time location of materials, forklifts and personnel which are showed on the visual platform of the warehouse.

3) Real-time trajectory tracking: The position of the moving forklift, personnel, and goods can be displayed in the form of trajectory.

4) Historical data playback: The location server which stores historical location data can play back to check the dynamic situation of people, vehicles and objects at key time.

5) Safety zone alarm: It is easy to set the safety electronic fence, alarm zone and forbidden electronic fence in the software. Once entered, the corresponding level alarm will be activated.

6) Material abnormal status alarm: If the non-designated person operates to take materials out of the established area, the alarm will be activated. At the same time, it can also be linked with video to comprehensively supervise materials.

7) Anti-collision: the system help to avoid collision between forklifts and persons, which results in production accidents.

8) Centralized management and control: For our company group customers, the headquarters can remotely check and control the location information of people, vehicles and objects of the warehouse.

9) Mobile check available: the system can have on site check by mobile phone which can be moved in the warehouse. On-site management office is achievable according to the maps and tables of mobile phone.

10) Warehousing big data analysis: the system can comprehensively analyze forklift distribution heat map, asset in and out statistics, product category location analysis and other information.

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