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Smart ​Manufacturing Solution

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Smart Manufacturing Solution

Application area: factory / warehouse/ forklift management

The indoor locating system of the factory uses Bluetooth locating technology, and the UWB technology for the required locating items or personnel, which needs to lay the base station and wear tags. The system can accurately locates the tags on employees, vehicles and assets in real time, and display the position information of people, vehicles and objects in the factory control center without any delay. It helps to carry out safety zone control, personnel on-the-job monitoring, and real-time vehicle trajectory monitoring. Accuracy reaches up to 10 cm. The precision control helps to improve the lean production, reasonable scheduling, and the management of smart factories.

Locating targets:  

on-the-job workers, in-plant assets, transportation forklifts, factory vehicles, factory AGV, etc.

Locating accuracy:  

typically 10 cm, 30 cm for general block, special application 5 cm.


Real-time locating:

The factory personnel locating system can locate the workers in real time, so that the supervisors can know the real-time status of different personnel in the locating area at any time, and the number of people can be counted in different regions.

Automatic attendance:

When the worker enters the plant for the first time, the position and time of the entry are automatically recorded, and an attendance record is automatically generated in the background. It helps to realize non-perceived automatic attendance.

Vital signs:

The smart bracelets that are worn by workers can detect their heart rate, blood pressure and step data every minute to provide health information for the staff of the factory to the HR, which can provide bases for employee care and concern.

Fence alarm:

The system has a function of custom fence area setting. After the virtual electronic fence is set, when the worker enters the electronic fence, the alarm information will be immediately sent to the background system. The factory management can know for the first time who has entered the dangerous area of the factory.

Tracking  playback:

The factory personnel locating system automatically saves the movement trajectory information of different types of personnel within the locating area. The supervisors can check the movement trajectory of the personnel in a certain period of time by name or card number. The duration of the movement trajectory data can be customized according to customer requirements.

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