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Address:Unit 10, 2500Xiupu Road, Pudong new district, Shanghai

High precision indoor positioning pioneer in China

RW offers a full range of products for building a powerful Real-time Locating System (RTLS). Locators for smaller and larger environments, both for indoor and outdoor use, multiple options for Tags, and a comprehensive software package for planning and deploying the system, as well as for simulating and analyzing.

Furthermore, our continually growing Ecosystem of 100+ partners offers a multitude of tags, end-user applications, and installation services worldwide.

We deliver a precise UWB RTLS technology, and that’s our focus. We participate with our partners on their projects to ensure their success and keep our roadmap aligned with real market needs. However, we never cannibalize our partner network by delivering an actual project!
As we never sell projects directly, our success fully depends on our partners; so, we make sure that they have all they need in both a technical and business perspective to deliver top-level customer experiences to their clients.

We are building our eco-system in the way we want to be treated – by having the same transparent rules for everyone, being open and appreciative of feedback, and bringing additional value to everyone involved.

Our Partner's Benefits

Our product partner program is built on mutual benefit and common interest.
By working closely with our partners if needed we modify our hardware products to meet the specific needs within their market which they identify.

  • Significant discounts
  • Lead generation via RW’s website
  • Lead registration
  • Your showroom for a discounted price
  • A transparent Partner Program
  • Quick partner onboarding
  • Instant access to all datasheets and documentation
  • Free technical training and certification
  • Free ready-to-rebrand marketing materials
  • Cooperation on mutual marketing activities
  • In-house technical support

We have several strategic partnerships based on the above model which work well for all parties. If you have a product idea which requires track and trace systems please contact us.