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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-12
· Product Name: Underground Low-frequency Activator
· Product Model: RW-T710


Operating Mode:

The activator transmits continuous low-frequency pulse signal actively (including the activator number in carrier data). The matched low-frequency tag which maintains the low-frequency receiving function receives the signal from the activator. The low-frequency chip of the tag will analyze the activator number in real time and the RSSI field strength of the signal. Then MCU microcontroller is awakened and all the analyzed information is transmitted into it. The onboard 2.4G RF chip transmits strong signal which contains tag ID, activator number and RSSI value of the low-frequency field strength.

Within the valid recognition range, 2.4G reader can receive 2.4G frequency band data package, analyze the tag ID, the activator number and RSSI value of the data package which will be uploaded to the PC immediately. It only requires the appointed position for installation and the power supply for normal operation. There is no need to do the communication setting and adjusting.

Basic Applications:

It can determine where the tag passed (the physical location of the activator). If an activator is installed inside and outside of access control respectively, accurate entry and exit judgments can be made according to the order in which the tag is activated. It can also determine the upper or lower floor accurately. Within the cover range of one activator or a multiple-activator network, precise location can be determined according to the real-time RSSI value uploaded by the tag. The accuracy can reach up to 10 cm level.

Recognition Range:

A activator has one antenna. A multiple-activator network can cover a wider range. If necessary, the activation range can also be reduced by reducing the transmitter power of the activator or the reception sensitivity of the low-frequency tag. Minimum range can be reduced to a radius of 1 meter.

Recognition Speed & Capability:

Because the signal emitted by the activator can be continuous or pulsed, the operating mode of the onboard low-frequency chip on the tag can also be continuous or pulsed. Different recognition speed and capability can be achieved by adjusting the operating mode and parameters for different applications. A good performance balance is achieved between speed and power consumption.

Communication Security:

The activator uses the special communication protocol. The condition code of the head is required to be calibrated, which can effectively eliminate the mis-activation caused by various electromagnetic interference. Data accuracy and security is ensured in the communication process.


The product fully considers the application requirements of industrial environment such as lightning protection, waterproofing and shock protection. The production process strictly conforms to the ISO 9001 quality standard. Multi-step quality inspection is implemented to ensure good performance and quality of the products.

Product Parameter

710 Buried low frequency activator 

Product parameter

Activation range: with a built-in rod-shaped antenna, the maximum activation distance is 7m

Activation speed: maximum 200 km/h can be activated when passing through

Activation ability: activate more than 500 tags at the same time

Activation Angle: omnidirectional

Center frequency: 125KHz

Anti - interference ability: time division multiple access technology; multiple devices do not interfere with each other

Penetration ability: low frequency wave length of 2500m can pass through human body and wall

Standard interface: RS485 interface

Power standard: DC 12 ~ 24V 1000 ~ 3000mA

Working temperature: - 40 ~ + 85 ℃

Packaging characteristics: PC engineering plastic packaging

Reliability: waterproof and shockproof; meets the requirements of industrial environment

Size: 220 x 80 x 46 mm

Weight: 0.74 Kg

Installation: buried

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