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Personnel Safety Precaution Management System For Prison

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Personnel Safety precaution management system for prison


     The ‘Safety precaution management system of prison personnel’uses a variety of advanced high-tech technologies such as Internet of Things technology, computer communication technology, data encryption technology, image processing, cloud computing, and big data to establish a multi-functional personnel locating system with long-range reading and locating functions. After its establishment, the system provided with a unified management platform and database, provides detailed basic data for management decision-making. It is an important platform for digital prison to improve management capabilities through information technology.


Active early warning: when police is attacked or emergency happens, the system can send active early warning to ensure the safety of the police, expose the hidden dangers in advance, and avoid accidents. It helps to solve the problem of delay in accidence occurrence.

Video monitoring linkage: on-site accident playback.  IoT technology combined with existing video monitoring technology can check real-time scene of the accident, providing a basis for deploying relevant police to solve emergencies.

Liberation of police force to reduce supervision and law enforcement risks: liberate police force to reduce guard and law enforcement risks, reduce work pressure, save guard costs, real-time attendance check, and real-time online locating information of prisoners, tracking and playback of actions. The system greatly reduces the work intensity of police and effectively improves work efficiency.

Effectively eliminate jailbreaks, suicides and other vicious incidents: The system is installed at key entrances and exits and borders. When prisoners keep close to the installed place of the system, or illegal entry happens, active warnings will be in place. The vital sign of prisoners is detected by the tag which can check the heart rate pulse. It helps to reduce the risk of guard and law enforcement.

Function display

Personnel statistics and attendance check

1. Automatic attendance check: real-time attendance check of people in each zone

2. Quick Search: Enter the first letter of the name or the prisoner number for quick search

3. Real-time tracking: track police officers, visitors, key personnel, etc. in real time

4. Track playback: video playback of historical tracks 

Intelligent alarm

1. Newcomer reminder: newcomers entering the prison will be reminded.

2. Call for help: personnel take the initiative to call for help if needed

3. Heart rate abnormal alarm: it helps to prevent abnormal death

4. Detention alarm: single stay and long stay will be alarmed

5. Gather alarm: Prisoners gather will be alarmed

6. Dangerous alarm: illegal entry, illegal leave and wrong room will be alarmed

Linkage and cooperative use

1. Video linkage: support custom-made, such as Haikang, Dahua and other manufacturers

2. Video merge: video stitching, package download

3. One-card-pass system

4. Access control: cooperative use with the access control

Equipment self-checking

1. Anti-disassembly alarm: double prevention of physical structure and electronic detection

2. Signal alarm: signal disappear alarm

3. Equipment abnormality: abnormal alarms of power failure, network disconnection

4. Low voltage alarm: sustainable use for one month after low voltage alarm

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