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· Shelf Time: 2023-01-21
· Product Name: BLE AOA Gateway
· Product Model: GC300


GC300 gateway is a high accuracy positioning base station developed for indoor tracking in industrial and commercial environment, it can provide 0.31m positioning accuracy in 2D range with only one gateway based on its talented locating engine, it also features low power consumption, fast response, low EMI and strong anti-interference. An GC300 gateway can cover maximum 300 square meters, and seamless track the target in   real time by interactive with camera and sensors.

GC300 gateway is a ideal product for real time location system in smart healthcare, smart factory, smart office and smart education.

Feature & Benefit

  • Talented locating engine supports 0.3-1m positioning accuracy

  • Real time locating system with low latency

  • Talent design ensures low EMI and strong anti-interference

  • Adapts for different terminals including mobile phones and the beacons in the market

  • POE connection and highly integrated engine enables simple and quick deployment

  • Locating engine provides API for application development

Product Parameter

Mechanical Specification

Material   ABS

Size        254 x 254 x 40 mm

               10 x 10 x1.57 in

Weight    720g/25.4 Oz

Electronical Specification

Power                             POE 48V

Protocol                          Bluetooth low energy

Frequency                      2.4GHz

Bandwidth                      2401MHz~2481MHz

Algorithm                        AOA

Accuracy                        0.3-1m

Latency                           <100ms

Locating update rate       1-5Hz

Processing speed           300 locating messages/s

Minimum quantity           Single unit for 2D positioning

Indicator                          Power, Activity

Environment Specification

Operation temp               -10~60℃

Storage temp                  -20~70℃

Hummidity                       10%~90%

IP grade                           IP53

Mounting method             Ceiling mounting

Typical Application

  • Patient,prisoner,old man, children real time tracking

  • Assets tracking in factory, warehouse,hospital

  • Work in process management

  • Tool management

  • Wayfinding

Order Information

Part No:GC300

For other version, please consult Crepak

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