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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-12
· Product Name: 720 Electronic Tamper Wristband
· Product Model:


Operating Mode

The wristband works in an ‘active or passive’ mode. That is, it transmits a signal actively, or triggered by an instruction form a reader ( or a gravity sensor, or low-frequency activator) to transmit a signal. The RF frequency is adjustable.

The passive working mode is that the activator distributed in the zone or inside and outside the access control has been actively transmitting a low-frequency 125 KHz signal at a close distance. Any wristband that is within the range of the activator can be successfully activated. It can obtain the activator number and calculate RSSI field strength. Then it transmits the data such as ‘tag ID + tag status + activator number + RSSI value’wirelessly at 2.4 GHz to the adjacent 2.4 GHz reader which will upload to the host computer with various standard interfaces like RJ45 and RS485 after receiving the wireless data.

Access identification

A low-frequency 125 KHz activator can be placed inside and outside the access control respectively. The effective activation range could be adjusted by changing the antenna position, adjusting the transmit power, and choosing different antenna shapes and dimensions. The wristband will be activated by the activators inside and outside in turn when it passes through the access control. According to the activating sequence, the entry and exit judgment could be accurately made.

Real-time locating

According to the characteristics of 125KHz low frequency such as field strength RSSI value, strong penetrating power, clear boundary, easy adjustment of signal range, etc., several activators can be used for real-time locating of RTLS zones more accurately.

Border detection:

It can be set at a distance of about 2 to 3 meters from the border of the fence. When a specific border activation signal is detected, it will send the signal to the reader quickly.

Anti-dismantle function

Up to 2 anti-dismantle alarm functions can be provided. Unauthorized removal will be alarmed immediately by sending a wireless signal. Specific equipment is required to reset it physically and wirelessly.

Communication security

When the active electronic tag communicates with the supporting reader, a special communication protocol is used to verify the legitimacy of the device. In order to prevent data cracking, a sophisticated encryption algorithm is developed to ensure data security in the communication process.

Reliability of VS detection wristband

The product fully considers the application requirements of industrial environment such as lightning protection, waterproofing and shock protection. The production process of the reader strictly conforms to the ISO 9001 quality standard. Multi-level quality inspection is implemented to ensure good performance and quality of the products.

Product advantages:

High accuracy identification, strong anti-collision capability, low power consumption, safe communication, stable and reliable, and convenient battery replacement.

1. Accurate vital sign detection

2. Real-time positioning, high precision (20cm precise positioning)

3. Low power consumption and long standby time

4. Good anti-collision performance (200 sheets / sec anti-collision performance)

5. 50 meters depth waterproof grade, anti-soak and impact-resistant

6. Support fast charging

7. OLED display

8. Refined appearance, concise design, smooth lines

Product Parameter

720 electronic tamper wristband

Recognition distance: 0 ~ 150 meters

Recognition speed: 120 km/h

Identification ability: 200 cards/second anti-collision performance

Identification method: omnidirectional identification

Operating frequency: 2.4 GHz & active 125KHz&13.56M

Communication rates: 250Kb/s, 1Mb/s, 2Mb/s

Communication mechanism: synchronous communication mechanism based on TDMAand CDMA

Anti-interference: channel isolation technology, multiple devices do not interfere with each other

Security: cryptographic computation and security authentication to prevent link detection

Gravity sensing: supported

Power consumption standard: the average working power is at the micro-watt level

Battery configuration: CR2450 lithium manganese button battery with a capacity of 550mAh

Service life: 1~1.5 years, battery can be replaced with authorization key

Material: TPSIV+ABS material

Environmental features: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ temperature humidity < 95%

Waterproof grade: IP68

Reliability: anti - soak and anti - shock, meet the requirements of industrial environment

Shape: wristband or leg irons, can provide OEM custom service

Or: 15.14 * 45.90 * 280 mm

Weight: 55.6 g

Installation: screw lock

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