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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-04
· Product Name: 980 High-accuracy Locating Base Station
· Product Model:


Operation mode:

RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


With signal Angle of Arrival (AoA) locating technology, the high-accuracy locating system, as shown in the figure, has a locating base station which can accurately measure the direction and the coordinates of X and y of the tag.


A locating base station can realize 2D position with accuracy ranging from 0.2M to 1M.

Cover range of the locating base station

R980 High-accuracy Locating Base Station is like a spotlight with its cover area similar to a cone. The cover conical angle of R980 high-accuracy locating system is approximately 100°; and cover conical angle of low-accuracy is approximately 130°. When the angle is larger than 130°, the accuracy will decline. But it can still be used for site recognition. The maximum recognition range between the base station and the tag is approximately 100m, and there should be no metal objects and concrete walls between them. In order to obtain better locating result, the low-accuracy locating ranges among the base stations should be overlapped as far as possible during the installation.

Anti-interference performance

Location base station works at 2.4 GHz frequency, 1 MHz bandwidth, 0-6 dBm transmission power, and can work in both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mode and RFID mode. When working in the RFID mode, private band 2401 MHz or 2481 MHz is used. The band is not only free, but also less external interference since fewer products use them. When working in BLE mode, 37 broadcasting channels in Bluetooth protocol are used to avoid the severe frequency bands such as WIFI. In summary, the locating base station can effectively avoid the internal electromagnetic interference of the system and also the electromagnetic interference of external equipments.

The transceiver capacity of the locating base station

Each base station can receive 400 position information packages per second. According to the fact that the tag can send two position information packages per second, maximum 200 tags can be located simultaneously for one base station.

Update Frequency of the location information

Five times per second is the update frequency for a single base station. Therefore, it can achieve real-time tracking and positioning for normal walking and jogging. A network of multiple base stations can achieve quick real-time tracking and positioning of 15 kilometers per hour.



It can be used in prisons, case handling centers, detention centers, etc.

Product Parameter

980 High-accuracy Locating Base Station

Operating Frequency:  2401 MHz~2481 MHz

Operating bandwidth:  1MHz

Transmission power:  max. + 6dBm

Location accuracy:  0.2m~1m

Location delay:  less than 100 ms

Communication mechanism:  RFID private protocol, BLE

Power supply:  PoE 48V

Typical power consumption:  2W

Operating temperature:  - 10℃ ~60℃

Storage temperature:  - 20℃ ~70℃

Connection mode:  Ethernet

Installation:  ceiling

Anti-interference:  good

Multi-path resistance:  good

Data update rate:  1Hz~5Hz

Receiving capacity: 400 positioning information per second

Quantity: 1 to achieve 2D positioning

Packaging:  ABS plastic packaging

Waterproof Grade:  IP67

Weight:  720g

Dimension:  240*240*40mm

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