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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-12
· Product Name: 925 Vehicle Type Electronic Tag
· Product Model:


The vehicle type electronic tag is an active RFID tag that is mainly used in vehicle management. The tag and the registered vehicle is a consistent one-to-one match when it is used. The one-to-one match helps to fully realize automated wireless management. The tag has many characteristics such as long read/write distance, high recognition accuracy rate, strong anti-collision performance, low power consumption, and replaceable battery, etc. It has been well applied in vehicle management system and parking lot application.

Product Description

Operating mode:

The vehicle type electronic tag operates in an ‘active or passive mode’. The tag actively transmits a signal or is triggered by an instruction from a reader (or a low-frequency activator) to transmit a signal. The RF frequency is adjustable. Activators distributed in various zones or inside and outside the access control have been actively transmitting low-frequency signals at a low frequency of 125 KHz. Any vehicle type electronic tags that pass through the activator signal range can be activated successfully. And the digital number transmitted by the activator is obtained. The RSSI field strength value is calculated. The vehicle type electronic tag then transmits data such as "tag ID + tag status + activator number + RSSI value" at 2.4 GHz frequency.

Recognition range:

The vehicle type electronic tag is an active tag which has great advantages such as superior strong signal and long recognition range compared with the passive tags. In a good visual environment, the maximum identification range can reach up to 150 meters.

Access identification

A low-frequency 125KHz activator can be placed inside and outside the access control respectively. The effective activation distance could be adjusted by changing the antenna position, adjusting the transmit power, and choosing different antenna shapes and dimensions. The tags will be activated by the activators inside and outside in turn when the tags pass through the access control. According to the activating order, the entry and exit judgment could be accurately made. Also the accurate floor location could be determined.


Real-time locating

According to the characteristics of 125KHz low frequency such as field strength RSSI value, strong penetrating power, clear boundary, easy adjustment of signal range, etc., several activators can be used for real-time locating of RTLS zones.

Anti-dismantle function

The vehicle type electronic tag has an anti-dismantle function. After the tag is installed, if unauthorized person dismantles the tag without permission, there will be wireless or alarm. It is convenient for comprehensive management and background abnormal situation monitoring.

Button function

The vehicle type electronic tag has a button. In special application, if an abnormality occurs, the tag button can be pressed. When the button is pressed, the red light is on. Then the background monitoring software will promptly remind the relevant person or the vehicle about the abnormality. Safe actions will be taken rapidly. 

Communication security:

Special communication protocol and encryption algorithm are used to verify the legitimacy of the device. In this way, data security is ensured in the communication process.


The production process strictly conforms to the ISO 9001 quality standard. The product fully considers the application requirements of industrial environment such as lightning protection, anti-surge and anti-static.


Interface standard

It meets ISO18000-4 standard specifications

Product advantages

1. Long reading/writing distance

2. High accuracy recognition

3. Strong anti-collision performance

4. Low power consumption

5. Safe communication

6. Stability and reliability

7. Replaceable battery


1. Vehicle management

Vehicle access control management

Management of vehicle license plate, driver information

RTLS real-time zone positioning of vehicles

Management of electronic fence and border control line monitoring 

2. Parking management

Vehicle entry and exit automatic identification

Vehicle self-service payment system

Vehicle license plate, driver information management

Product Parameter

925 Vehicle-mounted Electronic Tag

Product parameters

Recognition distance: 0 ~ 150 meters adjustable

Identification speed: 200km/h

Identification ability: 200 cards/second anti-collision performance

Recognition mode: omnidirectional recognition sensor support

Working frequency: 2.45GHz, 125KHz and 13.56MHz

Communication rates: 250Kb/s, 1Mb/s, 2Mb/s

Communication mechanism: based on HDLC time division multiple access and synchronous communication mechanism

Anti-interference ability: channel isolation technology, multiple devices do not interfere with each other

Security: cryptographic computation and security authentication to prevent link detection

Button assistance: with its own button, it can help or assist the demand function

Anti-dismantle function: wireless or alarm warning when authorized private demolition

Power consumption standard: the average working power is at the micro-watt level

Battery configuration: CR2450 button battery

Service life: about 2 years, replaceable battery

Voltage detection: 1. Wireless prompt when the voltage is lower than the default value; 2. Red light flashes when the voltage is lower than the default value

Packaging characteristics: ABS engineering plastics

Environmental features: working temperature - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Working humidity: < 85%

Reliability: shockproof, meet the requirements of industrial environment

Shape: black square

Size: 66*66*9mm excluding holder

85*80*13.5mm containing the holder

Weight: 58.2 g

Installation: 3M mount-adhesive tape


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