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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-07
· Product Name: 808 Transmitter Device
· Product Model:


Operating mode:

808 Transmitter Device can continuously transmit low-frequency 125 KHz signals to form a cover zone. Any low-frequency 125k tag entering the cover zone will receive a low-frequency ID code. The device can analyze the information such as the RSSI value of the low frequency signal strength, tag battery voltage status, and tag anti-dismantle status, etc. Then it replies the detailed information to the locating base station with 2.4GHz signal. 808 transmitter device can also receive the signal from the active single-frequency tag in real time and transmit the received data to the supervisory control system. In special applications, the data of the tags can also be written or the parameters can be changed.

Recognition range:

The effective recognition distance of the transceiver device is 10 cm, and the transmitting distance of 125K signal is 25 cm~95 cm. The distance can be controlled by adjusting parameters. 808 transmitting device can recognize the electronic tag signal in all directions.

Recognition speed & capability:

Recognition speed mainly depends on the time interval of the tag transmitting. 808 transmitter device can send the tag data to the computer without any delay after receiving it. If the tag is a read-write type, 808 transmitter device can also write relevant information into the tag. Capacity depends on the tag itself.

Communication security:

When the 808 transmitter device communicates with the tag, special communication protocol is used to verify the legitimacy of the device. In order to prevent data cracking, the meticulous encryption algorithm is developed to ensure data security in the communication process.


The product fully considers the application requirements of industrial environment such as anti-impact. The production process of the base station strictly conforms to the ISO 9001 quality standard. Multi-step quality inspection is implemented to ensure products with full performance requirements.

Interface standard:

808 transmitter device provides USB2.0 standard hardware interface. If RS232 interface is required, please mark out when ordering.

Agreement & Support:

Standard software interface that conforms to Windows operating system environment is provided. The underlying communication protocol, related SDK development kits, DEMO soft wares and some development cases can be provided for reference.

Product Parameter

808 Transmitter Device

Technical Data Sheet

Recognition range:  10cm

Recognition speed:  100 milliseconds

Recognition capacity: single tag or multiple tags simultaneously

Recognition angle: full angle

Operating frequency band: 2.4 GHZ or 2.4 GHz + 125 KHZ

Power standard: operating power at milliwatt level

Communication mechanism: based on HDLC, time-division, multiple-access and synchronous communication mechanism

Anti-interference: channel isolation technology, multiple devices to avoid interference with each other

Security: encryption Computing and security authentication to prevent link detection

Indicator lighting: standard three indicators showing power, 125K and 2.4G, which can real-time monitor the operating status of the power supply, low-frequency 125k and 2.4G.

Interface standard:  standard USB2.0, and optional RS232

Operating voltage: USB power supply 5V

Packaging: ABS plastic packing

Reliability: anti-impact to meet industrial environment requirements

Dimension: 120 x 100 x 25 mm

Weight: 103g

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