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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-12
· Product Name: T757 Non-motor Vehicle Anti-theft Tag
· Product Model:


Operation mode

The non-motor vehicle anti-theft tag is an active electronic tag. It adopts advanced RFID or Bluetooth ultra-low power technology with the average working power consumption at micro-watt level. With the supporting base station, hand-held terminal and background server, etc, the tag can have many functions such as locating the non-motor vehicle in real time,  tracking its moving trail, , alarming battery burglar, preventing vehicle burglary, help mass prevision-control, etc.

Recognition range

The recognition range is closely related to the use environment. In a good visual environment, the recognition range can be stable up to 120 meters.

Communication security:

When the tag communicates with the mobile or the base station, the communication data is encrypted. A relevant protocol is required for correct analysis which helps to ensure the communication security.

Typical applications

Non-motor vehicle anti-theft management system

Security performance system

Product Parameter

T757 non-motor vehicle anti-theft tag

Recognition range: 0 ~ 120 meters adjustable

Recognition angel: full direction

Receiving sensitivity: -93dBm

Transmitting power: -20dBm~+4dBm

Operating frequency band: Bluetooth BLE4.1 frequency band 2.401~2.481GHz

Communication rate: 1Mbps for Bluetooth BLE4.1, 250Kbps for RFID mode

Communication mechanism: Bluetooth broadcast channel, based on HDLC, time-division, multiple-access and synchronous communication mechanism

Anti-interference: channel isolation technology, multiple devices to avoid interference with each other

Security: Encryption calculation and security authentication to prevent link detection

Anti-dismantle function: When the tamper line on the tag is removed, an alarm signal will be sent and the time information will be recorded.

Low battery alarm: Low battery information will be uploaded when the battery is low, so that the battery can be replaced in time.

Power consumption standard: Operating power is micro-watt level, standby power consumption: 4uA

Battery monitoring: Detect if the battery has been stolen

Motion detection: Real-time detection of tag motion status

Battery configuration: 2 CR2450 button batteries with capacity of 550mA

Service life: 2~3 years

Package features: ABS plastics, environmental-friendly, clean, attractive, resistant to high-strength drops and vibrations

Environmental: Operating temperature -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C, Humidity: <95%

Reliability: Strong toughness, waterproof and impact-resistant, not easy to fall off, comfortable to wear, beautiful and elegant, meet the requirements of industrial environment

Shape: rectangular

Installation method: tie binding

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