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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-04
· Product Name: 930 Integrated Iocating Base Station
· Product Model:


930 Integrated locating base station

Operating mode:

930 Integrated locating base station is an automatic recognition device that can read electronic tag data. The device consists of 2.4 G transceiver module, 125K low-frequency transmitter module, radar-infrared three-detector detection module, and the main control panel.

Functions of each module are as follows:

2.4 G transceiver module:

It helps to establish wireless channel between the base station and tag communication. The reader receives 2.4 G RF signals from tags through 2.4 G transceiver module which can send instructions and data to tags.

125K low-frequency transmitter module:

The continuous transmission of 125K wireless signal forms low-frequency activation zone, which brings about low frequency wake-up function to reduce tag power consumption. When the tag is outside the 125K activation zone, the tag can set up to not send 2.4G RF signal. When the tag is within the activation zone, the 125K wireless signal wakes up the tag, and starts to send 2.4 G RF signal quickly.

Radar-infrared three-detector detection module:

It can detect and identify moving organisms. It is mainly used to manage controlled persons who do not carry tags or remove electronic wristbands without permission.

Operation mode:

The integrated locating base station can continuously transmit low-frequency 125 KHz signals. Any semi-active electronic tag entering the low-frequency cover zone will receive low-frequency ID coding. The tag can analyze the RSSI value of the low frequency signal strength. Then it will reply the detailed information to the integrated locating base station with 2.4 GHz signal. The information includes tag battery voltage status, tag anti-disassembly status, etc. The integrated locating base station can also receive the signal from the active tag in real time and transmit the received data to the backstage management system. In special applications, the data of the tags can also be written; and their parameters can be changed.

Recognition range:

In a good visual environment, the maximum recognition range of 2.4 GHz RF terminal of the integrated locating base station can reach 150 meters, and the transmission distance of the external 125 KHz low-frequency antenna can reach 7 meters. When users have different requirements for recognition range, they can choose active tag readers with different signal intensity and low-frequency antennas. The recognition range can be adjustable when the transmission power of low-frequency module and the reception sensitivity of the locating base station are adjusted on the software to achieve the required range zone.

Recognition performance:

In the effective recognition range of the integrated locating base station, when the electronic tag runs at the maximum speed of 120Km/h, stable recognition is ensured. The base station can read more than 500 active or semi-active tags at the same time; in a very short time, it can be ensured that all the tags are read and there is no miss.

Network upgrade:

Integrated locating base station has the function of network online upgrade. With our PC configuration software, we can online upgrade the device motherboard firmware and the built-in 2.4G transceiver module. If we upgrade the device remotely, IP address of the device's external network is required. Remote firmware upgrade can reduce the complexity of field maintenance and save costs.

Communication security:

Integrated locating base station and supporting electronic tags use special communication protocol or standard Bluetooth protocol to verify the legitimacy of equipments. Encryption algorithm is used to ensure the security of communication data.

Product Parameter

930 Integrated locating base station

Recognition range:  up to 150 meters (open field)

Recognition speed:  120Km/h

Recognition capacity:  more than 200 tags at the same time

Recognition angle:  full angle

Operating bandwidth: 2.4 GHz, 125 KHz

Communication mechanism: based on HDLC, time-division, multiple-access and synchronous communication mechanism

Anti-interference: channel isolation technology, multiple devices to avoid interference with each other

Security: encryption Computing and security authentication to prevent link detection

Interface standards: RS485, RJ45

Extended I/O:  external reserved IO port output connectable to alarm module

Reliability: Waterproof IP67 to meet industrial application requirements

2.4G module extension:  max. 4-way support (customized, built-in 1-way, external R931 is optional)

125K antenna extension:  max. 4 channels support (customized)

Network online upgrade:  RJ45 port online upgradepProgram

2.4G transmit power: 4dBm (add power amplifier expands to 20dBm)

2.4G antenna gain: 2.5dB

Input voltage: DC12-24V

2.4 G receiving sensitivity: -96 dBm @ 250 kbps

Power consumption: <2(DC15V input <100 mA)

Weight: 258g

Dimension: 160mm in diameter and 100mm in height

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