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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-12
· Product Name: T868 Acousto-optic Search Tag
· Product Model:


Search Function:

The tag works in "active or passive mode".  A signal transmitted by the tag actively or by a high-precision locating reader. The transmitting frequency is adjustable.

After the tag receives the search command from the reader, the tag LED will flash and beep for a specified number of times (settable); meanwhile the reader will reply the result to the host to indicate if the target has been found or not.

Access Control and Location Function:

When the tag is operated in ‘active transmission mode’, it is quite suitable for real-time inventory management. Whether the tag is in the warehouse or normally out of the warehouse, the host computer can get the data in real time. When the tag and the high-precision locating device RW-R980 are used together, the position and move track of the tag can be displayed in real time on the computer interface. The item location is clear at a glance. It also has the function of more accurate zone locating, specific inventory location and shelf management, which is suitable for various industries, especially the warehousing and logistics industry for the positioning and search of items.

Identification Efficiency & Performance:

The default search efficiency is about 1~2 seconds. You can adjust the parameters according to actual needs to achieve faster or slower search. Read and write functions can be obtained as needed, and 1KB of storage space can be customized.

Communication Security:

When the reader and the active tag communicate, special communication protocol is used to verify the legitimacy of the device. In order to prevent data cracking, the meticulous encryption algorithm is developed to ensure data security in the communication process.

• Application

Quickly search and locate the warehouse goods and pallets

Quickly search and locate the items of the store logistics industry

Search and locate materials, equipment, assets and products

Express multi-level sorting center, material distribution of dock transfer warehouses, and rapid allocation of industrial spare parts

Other industry applications that need quick search and location

Product Parameter

T868 Acousto-optic search tag

Recognition range: 0 ~ 80 meters adjustable

Recognition speed: 200 km / h

Recognition capacity: 200 sheets per second, anti-collision

Recognition direction: full direction 

Variable gain: 0 to 7  (optional on demand)

Working frequency band: 2.402GHz -2.480GHz

Communication rate: 1M, BLE4.0

Communication mechanism: based on HDLC, time-division, multiple-access and synchronous communication mechanism

Anti-interference: channel isolation technology, multiple devices to avoid interference with each other

Security: encryption computation and security authentication to prevent link detection


T868 Acousto-optic search tag send information at regular time and the interval and other parameters can be configured wirelessly.

When the search command is received, the tag beeps and 3 LED indication are in working condition.

The software supports single search and batch search.

Power consumption standard: average working power is at micro-watt level

Battery configuration: 2 standard AA columnar batteries of No. 5 (NiMH battery / NiCd battery / Alkaline battery)

Service life: approximately 3 years (depends on the search frequency), replaceable battery

Voltage detection: Low voltage signal reminder

Gravity Sensing: Support

Package : ABS+PC material, resistant to high strength drops and vibration

Environmental: operating temperature -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C, humidity <95%

Shape: long strip

Color: White / Gray (OEM Customized Service Available)

Size: 92.5mm*40mm*19.5mm

Weight: 40g (without battery)

Installation method: hanging rope or double-sided adhesive

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