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· Shelf Time: 2019-03-07
· Product Name: 910 Trigger Reader
· Product Model:


Operating Mode:

The reader transmits 125 KHz low-frequency signal uninterruptedly (or triggered by the switch signal of the ground sense). Any semi-active electronic tag entering the low frequency coverage area will receive the low frequency ID code. The tag can analyze the RSSI value of the low frequency signal strength, the battery voltage status of the tag, the anti-dismantle status of the tag and other information. The information is replied to the reader immediately with 2.4 GHz signal. The reader can also be connected to the active tag in real time. It receives the signal from the active tag, and transfers the received data to the backstage management system. In special applications, data can also be written to tags or parameters of it can be changed.

Recognition Range:

In a good visual environment, the maximum identification range of 2.4 GHz RF terminal can reach up to 150 meters. The transmitting distance of the built-in 125 KHz low-frequency antenna can reach up to 8 meters, which can be extended by three 125 KHz low-frequency antennas. Compared with passive tags, its super penetration ability and super-long recognition distance have great advantages. When users have different requirements for recognition range, they can choose active electronic tags and readers with different signal intensities. The required range can be achieved by adjusting the power and reception sensitivity of the reader through software.

Recognition speed & capability:

When the active tag runs at a speed of up to 200 km/h within the effective range of the reader, stable recognition are ensured.

The reader can read more than 500 active or semi-active tags at the same time. In a quite short time, it can ensure that all recognition without omission.

Communication security:

When the reader and the active tag communicate, special communication protocol is used to verify the legitimacy of the device. In order to prevent data cracking, the perfect meticulous encryption algorithm is developed to ensure data security in the communication process.


The product fully considers the application requirements of industrial environment such as lightning protection, waterproofing and shock protection.

Interface Standard:

The reader provides standard hardware interfaces such as RS485, weigand26/34, RJ45 etc. Other interfaces  like RS232, TTL, and transmission modules like WiFi or GPRS can also be provided per customer demand. The company provides standard software interface that conforms to windows operating system platforms.

Underlying communication protocols are provided.

Product Parameter

Technical Data Sheet

Recognition range:  0-150 meters

Recognition speed: 200 km/h

Recognition capacity: identify more than 500 tags at the same time

Recognition angle: full angle

Antenna gain: 4dBi, dual antenna

Operating frequency band: 2.4 GHz, 125 KHz ( 3-channel low-frequency antenna expandable)

Power Standard: working power at milliwatt Level

Communication mechanism: based on HDLC, time-division, multiple-access and synchronous communication mechanism

Anti-interference: channel isolation technology, multiple devices to avoid interference with each other

Security: encryption computation and security authentication to prevent link detection

Real-time clock:  support RTC real-time clock

Storage space: 2M Byte onboard, supporting 8G Micro SD card

Interface standards: RS232, RS485, Wiegand, RJ45, TTL, WiFi, (optional)

Extended I/O: Three Channels respectively for input and output of switching signal

Power standard: DC 7.5-24V 800-3000mA

Packaging: ABS engineering plastic packing

Reliability: Industrial

Dimensions: 180 mm in diameter and 51 mm in thickness

Weight: 0.7kg

Installation method: ceiling or wall installation, special installation card is provided

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